Consciousness and Physical Reality

The Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Laboratory’s 30-year history of research provides insights into the nature of consciousness and its role in physical reality as well as the nature and workings of psychic phenomena. This course summarizes the research programs and theoretical work and relates it with anecdotal and experimental work familiar to students of projectiology. Hence, it is indicated to both new participants who may learn about both laboratory and experiential aspects of psychic ability research and previous students interested in a new angle and new insights.

This course will outline how projectiology corroborates and further elucidates PEAR findings and vice-versa.

Main topics:

  • Scientific evidence of consciousness affecting physical events
  • Scientific evidence of consciousness acquiring information across space and time in ways that defy “common sense” and conventional science
  • Relationship between these findings and bioenergy and out-of-body experiences
  • Consequences of this important research for science and spirituality

Instructor: Nelson Abreu