Energosomatic Parapsychic Evaluation

In response to requests, instructors Nanci Trivellato and Wagner Alegretti created this course, which is based on their experience accumulated over more than 1,600 hours of individual energetic-parapsychic evaluations, performed since March 2003 as part of the training course Goal: Intrusionlessness, as well as over 1,000 hours of ultra-specialized, multi-faceted, and personalized bioenergy work undertaken during the individual VIP Training at the IAC Campus since August 2005.

The session includes bioenergetic anamnesis (energosoma, blockages and other dysfunctions, psychosphere, extraphysical relations, among others), pertinent analyses and indications or recommendations, when required.  Demonstrations and practical exercises are performed.  It also provides opportunities for the individual to address specific matters and questions about their own parapsychic and energetic processes.

The EPE sessions are planned with a specific and technical approach, which allows them to be performed independently without the need for additional sessions.  However, if the participant finds it necessary or of interest, additional EPE sessions may be scheduled.

Prerequisite: CDP4

Instructors: Nanci Trivellato or Wagner Alegretti