Become an IAC volunteer or a ‘Friend of IAC’

As a non-profit-organization, IAC is staffed almost entirely by ‘professional volunteers’ who are committed to providing first-rate, well-founded information and training on these topics. Our volunteers dedicate many hours every week to running our educational centers and various projects aligned with IAC’s purposes. Their efforts help others to update their knowledge, develop their self-awareness and their experiential understanding of multidimensional (psychic) and energetic phenomena, and improve (in some cases transform) the quality of their life and relationships.

If you are interested in volunteering at IAC, please feel free to contact the coordinator of your local educational center.

If you live in a city or country without an IAC center, feel free to contact the center nearest to you, as you may be able to help in the capacity of a ‘Friend of IAC,’ helping where you can by performing tasks remotely or facilitating IAC events in your region.