The buildings at the IAC Campus have been designed and constructed with the aim of providing an optimized space for holding advanced educational events involving multidimensional ideas and experimentation.  The sturdy construction techniques take advantage of the bioclimatic architecture strategies that are used elsewhere in the region, and result in thermally comfortable spaces that are highly energy-efficient.

The laboratories and main buildings feature organic, spherical and semi-spherical architectural designs that have proven ideal for activities involving energies and multidimensional phenomena. They also provide an inspiring, mentally-expansive environment that is in keeping with the natural environment.  A key characteristic of the campus is the specialized energetic field that permeates it, and which is particuarly noticeable in its laboratories and event hall.

An aesthetically pleasing spiral layout has been used as the footprint on which the laboratories are being built, with the Projectarium at the center.  This allows the laboratories to remain in keeping with the natural setting and the lay of the land.