Bioenergies – Theory and Practice

Our bioenergetic awareness and control are key factors in maintaining our physical health, emotional balance, and spiritual growth as well as for control of psychic awareness and out-of-body experiences.

This course addresses the different types and qualities of energies, presenting known case-studies to enrich participants’ understanding of the mechanism of holothosenes (group energy fields). These discussions include the study of different types of energies from nature, analysing places where the energies are above average or are negative.

In addition, the course seeks to explain in greater detail the basic and advanced bioenergy techniques, as well as the possible sensations felt during energy work. In so doing, this clarifies the nature of energetic signals and helps us to identify our own energetic signals.

Other topics that will be discussed include the blockages that inhibit our energetic performance; the basis required to perform Penta (Personal Energetic Task); and the relationship between ectoplasm and paranormal phenomena.

Wagner Alegretti, who has been conducting research on this topic for over 30 years, has extensive personal experience with bioenergetic and psychic phenomena, and has proposed instruments and means to identify bioenergies. In this course he shares specific information that will deepen the student’s understanding of what bioenergy is, while exploring several different angles of the subject.

Instructor and Researcher: Wagner Alegretti
IAC Office: Campus
Duration: 8 hours
Available languages for this course: English, Portuguese, Spanish