Visiting The Campus – Frequently Asked Questions


1.     Q: Where do I find specific information about the courses?

A: Information on courses can be found on our website here.  We also recommend that you carefully read the course registration form for the course that you are planning to attend in detail. This provides detailed information on travel and accommodation in addition to course information.  You also may want to contact your local IAC office  for more information after visiting our website.
2.     Q: Is accommodation and food included in any of the IAC campus courses or workshops?
A: Many of the campus courses have food and lodging included as part of the registration fee for the course. Please refer to the registration form for the course to see what is included.
3.Q: How do I reserve my accommodations if I’m staying outside the campus?

A: Contact the hotel or place you desire to stay directly.  Outside of most courses (for example free days in between courses) you are responsible for booking and handling your own accommodations.


4.     Q: How do I travel between outside hotels and the campus?
A: All hotels will be able to contact a taxi for your use.  The taxi will be able to transport you from your hotel to the IAC campus.  Generally it is advisable to check with the front desk of your hotel in order to reserve a taxi.


5.Q: I noticed there are several accommodation options when visiting the campus, both on the campus and near the campus.  Where do you recommend I stay?

A:  We recommend you first contact the campus and check about availability at the Hospedarium which is our on-campus accommodation.  If this is booked up and not available, we recommend you try the Imperador Hotel given the balance between its cost and convenience.  If this is booked up and not available we recommend you contact one of the other hotels on our hotel accommodations list.


6.     Q: what type of ID/documentation do you need in order to enter Portugal?
A: You will need a valid passport.  For those residing in the U.S. please visit the following link:
7.     Q: Do I need to obtain a visa to enter Portugal if I have a valid U.S. passport?
A: No. If you have a passport from a different country please visit the following website to find out whether you need one or not:
8.     Q: How can I make my trip more affordable?
A:  You can do the following:

a.     Pre-register for courses to get early registration rates when applicable.

b.     You can share a room with another student when attending a course (rather than staying in a single room by yourself), when available.

c.     Purchase your flight as soon as early as possible.

d.     Use buses and shuttles for ground transportation instead of taxis when possible.

e.     Stay at lodging facilities on or within walking distance from the campus.

f.      Stay at a facility with a kitchenette so that you can purchase groceries and cook rather than needing to eat at a restaurant for every meal.

g.     Depending on what country and city you reside in, convert your local currency to Euros at a local currency exchange center rather than in the airport.

h.     Purchase all travel gear and items for your trip ahead of time rather than at the airport.

i.      Inquire with your local IAC office as to whether they offer a payment plan towards courses and events.

9.     Q: I’m not sure which courses/events to attend at the campus, what do you recommend?

A: This depends on a variety of factors (if your new or experienced, your budget, etc).  We recommend that you contact your local IAC office and one of our staff members will be able to discuss the situation with you and advise appropriately.
10.  Q: How do I fax over my registration form?  I noticed that the fax number is a foreign number.
A: You can fax over your registration form as you normally send any fax, however you must find out what your outgoing international calling code is for Portugal.  Generally this code must be dialed in front of the main fax number indicated on the registration form.  Note that additional international charges may apply depending on which fax service you are using.


Q: I contacted the campus (i.e. regarding course registration, lab booking, etc) and I have not heard back from anyone?
A: Please allow for 3-5 days for a reply.  If you do not receive a reply after 5 days, please contact your local IAC office.