CDP Advanced 2: Assistantial Energetic Field


CDP Advanced 2: Assistantial Energetic Field

This is a 3-day weekend workshop that takes place in a hotel, typically in the countryside within 1-2 hours’ drive of an IAC educational center.  Its main objectives are to assist participants by generating a deep energetic unblocking, reducing negative influence from non-physical consciousnesses, providing an optimal environment for first-hand psychic experiences, and an overall improvement in their psychic perceptions.  The course is run by one of IAC’s most experienced instructors, with eight other instructors lending support.  The number of students is typically 60 or 70, depending on the size of the venue, with a maximum group size of around 80.

Energetic unblocking and psychic perceptions

During Advanced 2 a palpably strong and substantial energetic field is installed that is centered around one of IAC’s most experienced instructors.  Students spend two sessions lying down and relaxing, benefiting from a deep immersion in the high-quality, therapeutic energies being emitted.  They also receive at least two personal energizations, directly applied by the main instructor.  The results are long-lasting, too: most report a distinct and enduring improvement in their psychic perceptions, energetic control, emotional balance, and even intellectual processing.

Perceiving energies and psychic phenomena

Although the primary objective of the course is to help students become more energetically unblocked, the strength and palpability of the energetic field make it a great opportunity for having unambiguous psychic perceptions of non-physical energies and phenomena. This gives students an excellent means of deepening their practical experience of the theories they have already studied in the earlier Consciousness Development Program modules. Advanced 2 also includes classes that explain the processes involved in the energetic field sessions.

Schedule and location

While offered at least annually in Europe and North America, at least once a year the course is also offered at the IAC Campus in Portugal.  The campus offers a truly unparalleled venue for the course, being IAC’s most significant physical and multidimensional infrastructure on the planet.  Its established, pristine energetic field offers an unsurpassable extraphysical environment, as well as a collective energy field (holothosene) that is perfectly synchronized with the course’s assistantial objectives.

Advanced 2 overview

CDP Advanced 2 offers:

  • Two morning sessions for deep immersion in the energetic field
  • Two afternoon Q&A sessions to address participants’ experiences and perceptions during the energetic field sessions, and any questions they have about projectiology and conscientiology
  • At least two personal energizations
  • A chance to discover and understand one’s energetic or psychic signals
  • A total of six modules of practical and educational sessions