CDP Course Details


Practical classes

Consistent with the importance that the IAC places on verification through experience, the CDP has many practical classes in addition to theoretical ones. Special emphasis is given to the out-of-body experience (OBE) as a tool for personal growth, as it facilitates first-hand experience of the invisible non-physical world surrounding us. This in turn gives us a broader perspective for understanding not just paranormal phenomena, but ultimately the entire process of personal or conscious evolution (evolution of consciousness).
Great emphasis is also placed on developing mastery with energy. Having energetic ability increases our perceptiveness, it helps develop our psychic abilities, and it allows us to have greater emotional balance, physical health, and mental clarity.
The CDP includes:

  • 6 sessions in which students aim to induce lucid out-of-body experiences (OBEs)
  • 16 sessions in which students are trained to mobilize and control their energies



The CDP is a 40-hour program taken in four 10-hour modules. Each module is made up of four 2.5-hour classes. CDP modules must be taken in sequence, although students can ‘pause,’ and pick up remaining modules in a future month.

The modules can be taken midweek or in the weekend, and an ‘Accelerated CDP’ option is sometimes offered.

Weekend CDP

The weekend CDP runs a full cycle most months, with the first module generally near the start of the month. The schedule varies from center to center, but typically classes will run on Saturday and Sunday for 5.5 or 6 hours (two 2.5-hour classes with a 30 or 60-minute break in between).

Midweek CDP

Some offices also offer a midweek CDP. Midweek classes run for 2.5 hours in the evening. The midweek schedule varies by IAC center, but students typically take a sequence of two or four classes in a week.

Accelerated CDP

The Accelerated CDP is identical to the regular CDP, except that it is taken over a compressed timeframe – such as 5 or 6 consecutive days. The Accelerated CDP is ideal for people from out-of-town (or even another country) who prefer to make just the one journey, and take advantage of the positive, immersion atmosphere. Most of our major centers offer at least one Accelerated CDP annually. Please contact your local center for more information.

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