Chakras – Tools for Self-awareness

This course addresses very important aspects related to our bioenergy and the effects of other’s energies on us. It explores chakras from a new angle, based on the study of one’s manifestation, sensations, ideas and unconscious behaviours.

Chakras: Tool for Self-Awareness explains the mechanism of energetic coupling (interaction) with positive or negative consciousnesses, and the possible developing of awareness to identify the chakra responsible for that energetic interaction.

It also informs participants about balanced or unbalanced patterns of energies, individually examining 10 of our chakras, considering points such as:

  • Causes that provoke the energetic development or blockage of each chakra;
  • Sensations of and reactions to blocked or activated chakras;
  • How a healing process is accomplished;
  • Tips on how to improve the condition of our chakras;
  • Diseases and their relation to each chakra’s functioning;
  • Influences from previous lives in our holo-chakra (energosoma);
  • Energetic strength and personal self-defence.

Instructor and Researcher:
Nanci Trivellato
IAC Office: Campus
Duration: 6 hours
Available languages for this course: English, Portuguese, Spanish