Consciential Spa

The Consciential Spa (a spa for the entire consciousness, not just its physical body) is a opportunity for combining tourism with personal development. It is an 8-day tour based at the IAC Campus – Europe, a location that is customized for having expansions of awareness and multidimensional or psychic experiences. The activities aim to elevate your psychic capacity and overall well being, besides immersing you in the rich history of the region – a focal point of many major events over the past two millennia.

The Consciential Spa aims to replenish our bodies: physical, energosoma (energetic body), psychosoma (emotional or astral body) and mentalsoma (mental body).


  • Experimenting in the Projectarium, a customized projection (OBE) laboratory
  • Experimenting in the one-of-a-kind Cosmoconsciousness laboratory
  • Immersing yourself in natural energies in the Phytoenergy laboratory, a self-research lab nestled in a tree
  • Morning walks through beautiful landscapes, rich in immanent energy
  • Group classes and exercises with bioenergy
  • Tourism to nearby areas in Portugal & Spain including Estremoz, Evora, Badajoz & Mérida.
  • Thematic movie screening and discussion
  • Group discussions and analyses
  • Courses with IAC instructors
  • Bonding with a group of fellow multidimensional explorers

For more information or to book a trip, please contact your local IAC educational center.

Sample itinerary.

Day Activities
Departure Group Departure (if traveling from outside Europe)
Day 1: Group arrives at Hotel
Arrival at IAC Campus – Introduction
Scheduling of self-research laboratories
Day 2: Morning Walk at the Campus and presentation of Project Oasis, a conservation project
Lunch at IAC Campus
Class on Cosmogram research technique
Experimentation in self-research laboratories
Evening Projective Technique
Day 3: Estremoz city tour and lunch
Afternoon 3-hour course and experimentation in self-research laboratories
Evening Projective Technique
Day 4: 3-hour Bioenergies in Nature workshop, and picnic lunch at IAC Campus
Cosmogram – research
Experimentation in self-research laboratories
Dinner in Estremoz
Evening Projective Technique
Day 5: Day tour to Badajoz and Mérida (Roman ruins), Spain
Experimentation in self-research laboratories
Dinner at IAC Campus
Evening Projective Technique
Day 6: Retrocognitive city tour of historic city of Evora (city, castle, Roman ruins)
Discussion about experiences and perceptions on the tour
Experimentation in self-research laboratories
Moonlit night-walk at the Campus
Day 7: Oasis Project: work and interaction with nature at IAC Campus
Film viewing and discussion
Experimentation in self-research laboratories, and group discussion
Farewell dinner in Estremoz
Day 8: Departure (if returning to US, will arrive same-day)