Consciential Transparency

This course explores evolutionary themes such as the manifestation of authenticity, sincerity, and lucid, transparent intentionality.

It is in our deepest intentions and thoughts that our internal (and therefore external) reality is created. Awareness and beginning to attempt and achieve more lucid self-guidance of our most subtle thosenic patterns can be a fundamental factor in creating a physical life that is more internally satisfying, lucid, productive and ultimately, more evolutionarily rewarding.

By exploring various unhealthy and evolutionarily unproductive mechanisms, such as self- and hetero-deception (among others), this course then drives towards an understanding of what consciential transparency means, and how this way of living can improve one’s quality of life.
This course offers mental, emotional, and energetic techniques as resources which promote the long term daily manifestation of clarity, balance, and assistance to oneself and others.

Main topics:

• Tools to understand, and then discard, ancient patterns of useless self-stagnating mechanisms
• Means to identify and overcome thosenic traits and patterns that predispose self- and hetero-intrusion
• Mentalsomatic approaches to our day-to-day interactions with a focus on self-sincerity, transparent intentionality and multidimensional self-awareness
• Methods to uncover and understand our essential intentions which drive our internal manifestations and guide our external synchronicities
• Practical techniques (thosenic, psychosomatic and energetic) facilitating intraconsciential recycling and assisting us towards the consciential milestone goal of Intrusionlessnesss.

Instructor: Martin Azambuya

Duration: 6 hours

Available languages for this course: English, Portuguese, Spanish