Conscientiotherapy: Support for Integral Balance

This course will help promote healthier thought patterns that may contribute to the fulfillment of your existential program!

Conscientiotherapy is a specialty within Conscientiology. Conscientiotherapists study techniques and alternatives for the prevention and remission of holosomatic dysfunctions of a mental, psychological or energetic nature. They also provide support to promote a healthier and more balanced life. This course introduces Conscientiotherapy and related subjects such as integral consciential health.

The techniques discussed in this course will demonstrate how an approach, based on self-research, can help the interested individual to identify personality traits, including possible manifestations that are not favorable to their integral health. Together with the conscientiotherapists, it is possible to establish a holosomatic diagnosis and learn how to use appropriate resources to achieve a more energetically balanced life. The class discusses this process in detail.

Main topics:
– Conscientiotherapy: Definition and explanation
– The purpose of Conscientiotherapy
– Conscientiotherapy work with the different vehicles of manifestation
– Conscientiotherapy and individual attributes
– Techniques to achieve Full Balance:
• Paraprophilaxis (prevention)
• Paradiagnosis, Paratherapeutics
• Paraprognosis (projectiotherapy, VELO, energetical unblock, rapport with helpers and others

Prerequisite: none.

Instructors: Rosalba Teodora and Italo Martins