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Convergence on Consciousness is an annual multi-day event featuring an exciting line-up of deep, experiential courses, as well as some intellectually stimulating courses, workshops, or conferences. Although normally held at the picturesque, energetically pristine IAC Research Campus in Evoramonte, Portugal, in 2017 it will be held in Miami, Florida.

Convergence is a special time when old friends and fellow consciousness explorers from around the world convene in a tranquil setting to focus on their common interest. Often group tours from other countries cap off their journeys by taking in some or all of the Convergence events.

The International Academy of Consciousness is pleased to invite you for potent experiential courses in the Convergence on Consciousness 2017, including our ground-breaking International Congress on Consciousness (ICC)!

The Convergence on Consciousness 2017 will consist of the following events: