Cosmoethics, or ethics of the cosmos which go beyond the physical world, define one’s evolutionary level, and are the cornerstone of consciential (spiritual) growth. They consist of principles that reflect an elevated intentionality and multidimensional wisdom, being the “moral code” followed by our helpers (spirit guides).

Many students of conscious evolution seek out methods or practices that will bring about peace, inner harmony, well-being and a better life. Beyond any technique or practice, cosmoethics – living out of one’s deepest sense of integrity and self-knowledge – is truly the key to a more harmonious existence. When we improve our cosmoethics we improve our relationships, with others, with our reality, and ultimately with ourselves.

This course offers information about cosmoethics and encourages participants to ponder other frames of reference for thought, sentiment, and action. It aims to trigger advanced discussions about ethics and models of behavior in order to amplify your understanding and new ideas about these topics.

Examples and case studies are presented to help the study and understanding of the topic. As a natural consequence, the course also examines individual and collective moral corruption. Students will have the opportunity to explore life’s ambiguities (not everything is black and white) and be guided to come into terms with their way of seeing and interpreting reality.

Instructor: Wagner Alegretti
IAC Office: Campus
Duration: 6 or 7 hours
Available languages for this course: English, Portuguese, Spanish
No Prerequisites