This is a practical bionenergetic training which combines physical and energosomatic exercise. This 3-hour long workshop is a moving version of the Bioenergies in Nature and is also held in a natural setting.

The dynamic synergy of physical and energosomatic movement can promote:

  • Holosomatic Homeostasis: optimization of healthy conditioning for all the bodies of a consciousness: physical, energetic, emotional and intellectual
  • Energosomatic Recycling: revitalize your subtle energy through cardiovascular exercise and absorption of natural immanent energies
  • Improve your mental hygiene by keeping your mind focused on exercises in a relaxing serene environment
  • Practical techniques to sense and control your personal energy field
  • Develop healthy division of attention and dissociation of energy movement from physical rhythms through coordination of physical and energosomatic action at different paces

Please contact your local IAC Center for further details.