The Bioenergy Workout is a fun and informative 3-hour deep practical workshop, in which students perform a series of diverse bioenergetic (chi, prana) exercises.

Mastering our energy is key to maintaining equilibrium, becoming more self-aware, identifying and overcoming emotional imbalances, maintaining psychic self-defense, unlocking our potential, and developing our parapsychism.

During the Workout, an instructor will lead a series of foundational exercises, gradually layering on more complex ones as the class progresses. Students learn to move, absorb, and donate energies, and apply techniques to develop their sensitivity and perceptions, including a clairvoyance exercise.

The techniques practiced help students learn to revitalize their energety field, protect themselves energetically, identify external energetic influences, and increase their self-awareness about their energetic condition.

The course goes to the very core of developing one’s psychic abilities and awareness of multidimensional reality.

This workshop is an ideal first step for those wanting to understand in practical terms what Bioenergies are all about.

The class is 100% free for IAC members (basic and above) as a recognition of their support and also of IAC’s commitment to investing in their well-being and development. Many members are regular attenders, both taking advantage of the opportunity for developing their energetic capacity, and enjoying the upbeat and convivial atmosphere.

The course is a great complement to the IAC’s award-winning Consciousness Development Program.

This course has no pre-requisites.

Please contact your local IAC center for more information and dates.