Short thematic courses and workshops explore a broad range of topics related to IAC’s core research themes.  They are typically three hours long. Some have prerequisites, but most do not.

Most are the result of significant original research and investigation by the instructor teaching the course. The remainder, a minority, are ‘Institutional,’ meaning that they are based on important themes presented in books by conscientiology researchers, but are not taught by the original researcher or author.


Please see below for a complete list of short thematic courses and workshops.

  • Altered state of Consciousness
  • Analysis of the Mechanism and Elements that Promote Parapsychic Phenomena
  • Consiciential Identity: the Way to Self Pacification and World Peace
  • Energetic and Parapsychic Signals
  • Evolving through Personal Crisis
  • Evolutionary Duo
  • Evolutionary Intelligence
  • Existential Inversion and Existential Recycling: Pertinent Debate
  • Extraphysical Bait
  • Extraphysical Hometown
  • From Human Relationships to Consciential Relationships
  • Human Potential: An Approach Centered on the Consciousness
  • Identifying Your Complications and Your Complexities
  • Inversion and Existential Recycling
  • Job Satisfaction and Holomaturity
  • Our Evolution
  • Overcoming the Factors that May Hinder the Conscious Projection
  • Paraecology and Paratechnology
  • Parapsychism: Animism versus Mediumship
  • Parapsychic Reeducation
  • Scale of Continuous Consciousness
  • The Consciousness at Adolescence
  • Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions
  • Vibrational State
  • Who am I? Awaken your true identity (consciential identity)
  • Zoo and Phyto-Consciousnesses

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