The course consists of 10 weekly bioenergetic training sessions.

In this fashion, participants will receive a more constant and consistent follow-up and follow-through, support and feedback, over a longer period, helping to better instill healthier and more developed bioenergetic habits.

It also helps participants develop their abilities for producing bioenergetic phenomena and psychic experiences.

Aiming to work on the particular details of the participants bioenergetic condition, some main aspects covered will be:

  • Bioenergetic Self-defense techniques
  • Fluidity, quantity, speed, sweep and rectilinearity during VELO Clairvoyance and remote viewing exercises
  • Learning to read the content (holothosene) in bioenergy
  • Working with and perceiving bioenergies while walking Development of intuition
  • Understanding our own energy body
  • Becoming better aware of bioenergetic influences in our life

Pre-requisite – ┬áParticipants need to have completed CDP module 4