This course presents and discusses in detail the advanced assistantial energetic activity of Penta (Personal Energetic Task).

Penta is an individual, assistential transmission of consciential (personal) energy (chi, prana), which one performs at the same time every day. The technique is executed in the physical waking state, with the assistance of one or more helpers (spirit guides). Energetic transmissions during penta are directed to energetically needy non-physical consciousnesses (entities or spirits) who are intangible and invisible to normal human vision, in close proximity or at a distance. Physical individuals can also be assisted with penta.

This course is designed to provide step-by-step instructions on how, who, when, where and why to perform this leading-edge, and little-known, assistantial task. As well assistential benefits, penta is one of the activities that can accelerate greatly the evolution of the pent practitioner  and of others.

Main topics:

• History of Penta
• Sensations and occurrences during Penta
• Penta technique details
• Stages in the development of Penta
• Helpers, evolution and Penta
• Preparation (requirements) for beginning Penta
• Indications and how to prepare if you want to start Penta in the future

Prerequisite: Participants need to have completed CDP2 (Module 2 of the CDP) to participate.