International Academy of Consciousness

VIP Training

The VIP Projective Training is given by two of IAC's most experienced instructors, Wagner Alegretti and Nanci Trivellato. It has the specific objective of helping people to experience lucid projections and other psychic phenomena.

It is a private course for one person, which allows it to be carefully tailored to suit individual needs. As an exception, it can be given to couples or to two people with a very close relationship.

The VIP Training is held at the IAC's Research Campus in the Alentejo region of Portugal. The tranquil, rural environment provides a peaceful, calming atmosphere that is beneficial to the course goals.

The course is further enhanced by the IAC Campus' specialized self-research laboratories, which make it truly the ideal environment for the application of certain techniques used during the training.

The structure and conditions of the course are extremely important factors in increasing results, namely:

  1. Immersion: as a consequence of the healthy isolation and focussed concentration on the projective, multidimensional and bioenergetic factors of the course, a deep immersion occurs. This brings about a positive mental saturation, which is a powerful technique for leaving the body.
  2. Interaction with extraphysical helpers (non-physical guides): the bioenergetic exercises, the private sessions in the consciential laboratory, and the progressive awakening of one's sensitivity provide a unique opportunity to establish closer contact with extraphysical helpers.
  3. Bioenergetic and holochakral (energy body) unblocking: promoted by extensive individual and guided training with energy, direct energisations by the course's instructors, and the region's immanent (natural) energies.
  4. Holosomatic 'Spa': the course and the IAC Campus' bioenergetic and multidimensional environment, combined with a healthy routine, rest, and a balanced diet, work as a perfect holosomatic 'spa' (holosoma - set of all bodies of manifestation).



Candidates for this training must have completed Module 4 of the Consciousness Development Program (CDP). The CDP can be taken at any of IAC's educational centers worldwide.

How to register:

Please email or call the IAC Research Campus for more information. A prior interview is required before being accepted for the course.

Course Duration:

From 7 to 12 days (inclusive of the arrival and departure days), depending on the person's needs and availability.

Course Location:

IAC Research Campus in Evoramonte, Portugal.



IAC student Colin Aston-James, who was the first person to do the VIP Projective Training in 2005, had the following to say about his experience:
"Rarely in life are we given unique opportunities... In the summer of 2005, I had such an opportunity... With regards to my projections, I had at least four in the time I was there which started about halfway through the course. One was particularly strong and lucid which still remains clear to me today... I also had... a complete opening of my crown chakra... Suffice to say it was the most powerful experience I had ever had and gave me an insight into an issue with which I had been wrestling with for years." 
Long-term IAC student, Michael Ross, did the VIP Projective Training in the summer of 2006. Here is what he wrote about his experience.
"I achieved a lot of fascinating insights and yes indeed, one particular projection which was of considerable meaningfulness. I hope future participants achieve the same although I am sure the experiences gained will be unique and beneficial to each individual." 
London student Glenn Hitchman also did the training during the summer of 2006. The following are some excerpts from a brief article he wrote about his experiences:
"...I found the VIP projective training to be a very valuable experience." 
Fred DeCanio, of Los Angeles, had the following to say about the VIP Projective Training:
"...I can honestly say without reservation, that in terms of my evolution, those 7 days were the richest, and the most interesting and productive of my present lifetime."
A British student, Richard Armitage describes his experience with the VIP Training as follows:
"For me, the course has precipitated some fundamental changes in my daily experience of life which are ongoing with a kind of domino effect happening. I have definitely gained a foothold into a different energetic awareness of myself."