Customized Body – Macrosoma

A macrosoma is a physical body that possesses certain characteristics that have been specially planned by the consciousness during the period between lives in order to optimize the performance of the body, increasing one’s chances of fulfilling the plan of action programmed for the subsequent life.

There are different types of macrosomas and different conditions that create or affect a macrosoma, such as the relationship between certain personality traits and personal history of previous lives.

This course discusses, step by step, all the elements involved in this process in order to allow the student to understand the life program and identify whether they possess any physical characteristics that could be a conscious ‘customization’ of their bodies.

Among the elements discussed are paragenetics vs. genetics, the extraphysical body as the matrix for the physical body, and the role of the mentalsoma in this process.

Instructor and Researcher: Nanci Trivellato

IAC Office: Campus Office, Portugal

Duration: 3 hours