Ectoplasm and Paranormal Phenomena


The most amazing multidimensional (often termed paranormal) occurrences happen due to the effects of ectoplasmic activity. This seminar discusses cases, describes the phenomena, presents explanations, and studies some well-known paranormal individuals.

The ectoplasmic phenomena studied in this seminar include: psychic surgery, apparitions, extraphysical touch, materialisation and dematerialisation, non-physical noises, poltergeists, teletransportation, extraphysical smells, telekinesis, and many others. Certain cases of healing that require ectoplasm are also discussed.

Understanding and controlling our energies, including the ectoplasmic factor, is very important for our energetic balance. Sometimes extraphysical helpers make use of our ectoplasm to perform assistance or produce effects around us, and we can learn to be aware of these occurrences. Our energy may sometimes also be used by unknown consciousnesses or to cause effects spontaneously around us.

The objective of this course is to give a deeper understanding of what ectoplasm is and how it provokes interferences and effects in the physical dimension. The course helps students to know about and comprehend the mechanics of phenomena (both common and rarer ones) that laypeople would frequently regard as inexplicable.

Instructor and Researcher: Wagner Alegretti
IAC Office: London, United Kingdom
Duration: 5 hours
Available languages for this course: English, Portuguese, Spanish