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Astral Dynamics, by Robert Bruce

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Book Review
Michael Ross
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His intention in this book is to provide a thorough and completely empirical explanation concerning the production of astral projection. He shares the same attitude as the founder and membership of IIPC regarding the sheer necessity not to rely on mere belief but exclusively on one's individual experience.

There are literally hundreds of primers on out of body experience and I personally, have over 100 individual titles (far short of Dr Viera's notable collection!) And personal favourites would include Vee van Dam's "The Psychic Explorer" and Graham Dack's "The Out of Body Experience" since they go into considerable practical detail concerning production of the phenomena. It goes without saying that Dr. Vieira's "The Projections of Consciousness" share the same admirable practical style and helpful information.

But I think I will not be alone in acknowledging that one of the 20th century classic books on the out of body experience remains "The Projection of the Astral Body" by Sylvan Muldoon.

When I first read this book over thirty years ago at the age of seventeen I am sure that it helped instigate my first out of body projection.

Robert Bruce has provided an enormous service to the out-of-body fraternity in providing a 550-page primer into all aspects of the astral projection experience.

He has divided the book into six sections: Part One deals with the Elements of Projection, a thorough description of the actual experience of being free from the soma. He goes into considerable and enlightening depth concerning some of the more troublesome aspects of projection e.g. why it is sometimes very difficult to retain memory of one's astral jaunts. He provides a groundbreaking conceptual framework "The Mind Split" concerning how consciousness is split/copied and manoeuvred round the various inner bodies and consciousness modes. "Waking paralysis", which accounts for many projectors fearfully aborting their projections, is thoroughly explained as well.

In Part Two, Robert Bruce describes his innovatory "New Energy Ways", a totally new exploration of energy pathways and power points throughout the energy body. As projectors fully understand, it is essential to build up a strong energy supply in the inner body in order to accomplish a projection of any quality and extent.

Part Three is a very extensive description of how the actual projection is achieved and, of course, he emphasises the absolutely essential primary quality - complete and thorough physical body relaxation. But he provides a raft of techniques to accomplish the next step of actually projecting the consciousness out with the physical dimension.

The other sections of the book are an amazing array of descriptions of the actual spiritual planes, sub planes, astral entities, beings and so on. He has had wide experience of exploring many of these planes and has provided touching accounts of his meetings with deceased relatives etc. on the higher planes which are not so easy or so frequently able to be negotiated via ones astral consciousness mode.

There is such a wealth of innovatory material and explanations in this book that it does it little justice to pick nuggets at random to elucidate the sheer complexity of the phenomena and its applications that he provides. His style of writing is extremely clear and to the point without descending into a raft of theoretical obfuscation.

What shines through Robert's work is the desire to serve his fellow man. As a spiritual explorer of the first magnitude he shares the attitude of Dr Vieira in that there is nothing of the "Guru" persona in his character. The information given in this invaluable text is strictly empirical after years of utterly patient and doubtless frustrating endeavour. This book is a "must" for the sincere practitioner of this spiritual art. I am further convinced that it will emerge as a classic during the next century. I can thoroughly recommend this book to IIPC members.

Michael Ross

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