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This course provides technical and advanced training for the personal qualification of instructors, researchers and students in general, interested in the understanding, self-dominion, assistantial and self-therapeutic application of bioenergy.

In this course, instructors Nanci and Wagner aim to share the maximum knowledge possible obtained through their research and experiences accumulated over more than three decades, including experiences in field courses for over 15 years and parapsychic-energometic individual evaluations for over a decade. The curriculum draws upon topics discussed in various courses that both instructors have developed in the area of bioenergy.

Based on theorice, this course not only significantly develops personal knowledge and bioenergetic self-control, but provides essential tools and information for conscientiological parapedagogy. 

The training is planned in way to promote progressive knowledge, specialized and unequivocal, in a natural crescendo that favors the consolidation of knowledge in a logical manner without flaws in coherence.

The program provides a wide array of activities to enhance the dynamics of the course, didactics, training and solidification of learning. Beyond theoretical classes and individual practical exercises, in pairs and in group, the 90 hours scheduled for the course also includes the bioenergetic scanning of fields, analyses, debates, tests and laboratorial sessions convergent to the experiential settling of knowledge.

The content ranges from the conceptual foundation of diverse forms of energy to the technical and advanced study of the 12 important chakras in human manifestation. It also deepens leading-edge concepts connected to energosomatics, the technical application of bioenergy in intraphysicality and extraphysicality, and the consequent self-energometry and possible hetero-energometry. Consequently, the immersion provides essential tools for the individual endeavor of achieving intrusionlessness.

Within the wide array of topics that will be discussed, included are:

  • Concepts of energy and bioenergy
  • A scale of the types of energy
  • Thosenology and access to the holothosene of advanced extraphysical consciousnesses
  • Chakras: para-anatomy, paraphysiology, parapatholgoy, para-asepsis and paratherapy.
  • Vibrostateology: taxology of the vibrostasis (vibrational state, or resonance of the energosoma) – demystification, types and clarifications
  • VS and VELO: attributes, self-dominion and overcoming impediments
  • Energetic signage: technical analysis and strategies for development
  • Energosomatic development and holosomatic equilibrium
  • Useful and balanced parapsychism: development and case studies
  • Interdimensional assistance: coupling, assimilation, de-assimilation, assistantial lucid bait, energetic transmission and case studies
  • Ectoplasm: technical foundations, complexities and case studies
  • Techniques and advanced optimizations of exteriorization of energies
  • Voltaic arc: types (craniochakral and others) and applications
  • Paratechnology: types, applications and examples
  • Penta, pre-extraphysical office and extraphysical office
  • Energetic shower: energetic springtime and cycles of energetic springtime
  • Shielded chamber: clarification and technique for implementation
  • Lucid application of energies in the evolutionary duo: challenges and techniques
  • Bioenergetics and sexuality: implications, healthy and pathological aspects
  • Energetic fields: formation, characteristics, couplings and immersion
  • Taxonomy of couplings: support for self-deintrusions (types of helpers and types of intruders)
  • Advanced research:bioenergetics technology, neurological detection of the VS, detection of bioenergy through nuclear magnetic resonance, and vibrostatemetry
  • Cosmoethics in the application of energy
  • Fundamental notions of consciential epicentrism
  • Intrusionlessness: intrusionesslessgram, pillars of the pro-intrusionlessness stamina, pathway to obtaining intrusionlessness
  • Assistantial extraphysical reurbanization

The course includes original ideas derived from the research and experience of the instructors, taking advantage, in part, of the ample and matured content of the following courses and respective research specialties:

  1. Energosomatic Parapsychic Evaluation (EPE) – researched since 2002 and in activity since 2004
  2. Bioenergetic Attunement – in activity since 1998
  3. Chakras: Tools for Self-knowledge – researched since 1989 and course taught since 1996
  4. Cosmoethics – researched since 1992 and course taught since 1997
  5. Vibrational State: Mastering the VS and the VELO – researched since 2002 and course taught since 2010
  6. Evolutionary Duo in Practice– researched since 1991 and course taught since 1997
  7. Ectoplasmy and Paranormal Phenomena – researched since 1984 and course taught since 2000
  8. Lucid Energizer: Advanced Application of Energies Exteriorization– researched since 1984 and course taught since 2012
  9. Mechanisms of Parapsychic Phenomena – researched since 1994 and course taught since 2000
  10. Goal: Intrusionlessness – researched since 1993 and course taught since 2003
  11. Paratechnology and Paraecology – researched since 1984 and course taught since 2002
  12. Neuroconscientiological Research of the VS – researched since 1992 and course and presented since 2009
  13. Parapsychic Signals – researched since 1991 and course taught since 2000
  14. Bioenergetic Theory and Practice – researched since 1984 and course taught since 1991
  15. PENTA in Practice: a Multi-experiential and Multidimensional Approach – researched since 1996 and course taught since 2001 VIP Training – since 2005

Certificate: Participants will receive a certificate as well as a syllabus.

Campus IACTarget audience: Although the course is open and timely for anyone interested in bioenergies, it is especially recommended for penta practitioners, researchers, those who aspire to achieve intrusionlessness, Conscientiology instructors and instructor candidates.

Pre-requisite: The IAC’s CDP, the IIPC’s CIP or an equivalent course from other COs.

Structure and parapedagogy: The course is composed of theoretical classes and practical exercises ranging from the basic to the advanced. Planned exercises include bioenergetic scanning of fields, cosmo-analyses, self-analyses guided and based on the Conscientiogram, 700 Experiments and other treatises of Conscientiology, debates and laboratorial sessions.

Instructors: Taught by instructors Wagner Alegretti and Nanci Trivellato, with monitoring and support by a team of IAC’s epicons and instructors.

Duration: 9 days (from Saturday to Sunday), totaling approximately 90 hours of course activity.