Evolutionary Coaching

This activity is a unique opportunity, allowing the student to schedule one or more coaching sessions according to the student’s specific needs.

The participant will be able to discuss personal cases, parapsychic experiences, the achievement of total and permanent intrusionlessness, bioenergetics development, evolutionary strategies, parapsychic processes, challenges in building an evolutionary duo, doubts concerning Penta, parapedagogical techniques, orientations for conscientiological research and composition of scientific articles, or any other pertinent conscientiological matter.

The activity is especially recommended for cases in which the student’s topic or issue is of a complexity such that it cannot be clarified during a regular course, where a specific schedule is established or due to the presence of other people, which may inhibit or impede addressing the specific topic. The goal is to support the participant in the acceleration of his or her personal evolution through a cosmoanalytical and multidimensional lens.

Evolutionary Coaching is directed by IAC’s experienced instructors with ample international, multicultural, multidimensional, parapsychic and parapedagogical experience that can, therefore, provide a specialized and singular analysis to the matter at hand for the session.

Prerequisites: CDP4

Instructors: Nanci Trivellato or Wagner Alegretti