Evolutionary Duo in Practice

This course addresses the condition of former students of advanced intermissive courses with notable groupkarmic and holosomatic affinity, who re-encounter each other in intraphysical life with the goal of being partners in the fulfillment of their respective individual and joint existential programs, and who share a productive life of assistance within the context of their intimate relationship.

This condition, proposed by Conscientiology, is known as the evolutionary duo. It is exemplified by a rare condition in human society in which a couple is dedicated to the mutual dynamization of each partner’s evolution, with the objectives of completing the existential program, building polykarmality, and advancing groupkarmality and egokarmality. The evolutionary duo is guided by the principle that “together, we go further”.

The Course

In this eight hour course, the teachers will share strategies, findings, challenges, theories and techniques that have been developed and compiled over many years. With an open and direct dialog, the teachers will debate leading-edge relative truths regarding the practical and daily life of the evolutionary duo, including typical everyday challenges, factors that hinder the duo, common sabotages and self-corruptions, as well as resources for maintaining the condition of the evolutionary duo.

This discussion aims to go beyond concepts that are already known, with the goal of exploring pragmatic aspects involved in putting the theoretical knowledge of this complex and advanced theme into practice.

With this, an opportunity is created to examine some common predominant aspects, however subtle, of the behavior and typical profiles of men and women, especially their tendencies and reactions within the romantic relationship, from an evolutionary and conscientiometric point of view.

Clarifying the false concept of ‘soul mates’ along with its implications and myths, the course deepens the understanding of important components of a relationship, such as the bioenergetic factor, the extraphysical context, intermissive periods, past lives, and holokarmality.

Some of the topics and leading-edge relative truths that will be addressed include:

  • Phases of the relationship of the evolutionary duo (from the intermissive period to the desoma)
  • Fundamental elements that characterize and define an ‘evolutionary duo’
  • The relationship of the evolutionary duo in the intermissive period, in the presomatic and retrosomatic condition
  • Factors that facilitate and hinder the encounter of the partners of the evolutionary duo
  • Intimate daily life: affectivity, sexuality, work and multidimensional assistance
  • Typical challenges faced by the evolutionary duo and techniques to overcome them

Target Audience

This course is relevant for those currently in a relationship [be it an evolutionary duo or otherwise] who are searching for techniques to obtain greater evolutionary results as a couple, as well as for those who are yet not currently living with a partner but who intend to form an evolutionary duo in the future.

The teachers

The teachers of the course, both consciential epicenters, have been giving courses and working together in a joint and integrated fashion for over 15 years. Together they compose an evolutionary duo and have faced the challenges of maintaining individual, joint and group stability, in conjunction with multidimensional sustentation and logistics of conscientiological work in various countries. They have implemented and expanded the activities of Conscientiology in Miami and London, and currently head the construction of the first Research Campus outside of Brazil, in Portugal, while simultaneously moving forward with their activities as directors of the IAC, editors, authors, international lecturers, penta practitioners, and itinerant teachers.

These years of joint work have offered opportunities for the experience, experimentation and understanding of the complexities and importance of the evolutionary duo in the realization of assistantial work. Such opportunities have resulted in techniques and observations of other evolutionary duos throughout the world, which will be shared during this course.

Facts about this course:

  • First presented in Miami, U.S.A. in 1998
  • Has been presented a total of 16 times, in 10 cities, in six countries, and in three languages
  • Presented during the I Cinvexis conference in Florianopolis, SC, Brazil in 1997
  • Details of this course have been published in the Journal of Conscientiology Vol. 5 No. 20, and have featured in print or broadcast media in Japan, United Kingdom, Brazil, Holland, Portugal and the United States.

Instructors: Nanci Trivellato and Wagner Alegretti
Duration: 8 hours
Available languages for this course: English, Portuguese, Spanish