Evolutionary Intelligence

Evolutionary Intelligence(EI) is the ability to use all of our traits and resources to develop ourselves and those around us. A person with developed EI is able to find and come up with evolutionary solutions to all the problems that present themselves in life. In instances when life presents us with certain choices, some decisions can be taken based on more evolutionary criteria and perspectives, and others on less. Our evolution will be faster the more EI we have, and thus our situation for next life will be better.

We are consciousnesses (souls, spirits) living a physical existence in which we grow and evolve. However, we oftentimes have the tendency in practice to behave as if we are only physical bodies, living in and for physical reality. Developing Evolutionary Intelligence helps us to change this perception on a fundamental level.

How would your life change if you self-identified as consciousness in evolution?

Main topics of this course:
–    What is intelligence? What is evolution?
–    Evolutionary Intelligence and our relationships with others
–    Evolutionary Intelligence and Assistance
–    Evolutionary Intelligence and the extraphysical consciousnesses around us
–    Understanding the counter-flow of evolution
–    Developing and using evolutionary criteria to make better decisions
–    Strategies to improve our Evolutionary Intelligence

Many other ideas will be developed during the course, so as to help students organize the material, leading to a clearer understanding of what EI is, how to develop and benefit from it.

Instructor: Luis Minero Author Bio – Luis Minero
Duration: 3 hours
IAC Ofice: Los Angeles

Available languages for this course: English, Portuguese, Spanish, German
Pre-Requisite: CDP2