Existential Program Coaching

  • Do you feel you have a life mission but are not very clear about it?
  • Are you feeling frustrated by a sensation or internal knowing that you are not accomplishing what you came to do in this life?
  • Do you need to understand your life purpose so as to identify a larger meaning for your existence?
  • Do you want to improve your performance in terms of executing your life mission?
  • Do you feel unprepared to make decisions that may be necessary to accomplish your life mission?
  • Do you need help to organize a routine, time, and other resources in favor of your evolution?
  • Do you want to plan any life changes and need help taking the first step?
  • Are you aware of all the evolutionary opportunities that your actual life offers and are you currently taking advantage of them?

If any of these questions have crossed your mind or piqued an interest, you may benefit from taking advantage of IAC’s Existential Program Coaching sessions!

Many of us are born with a set of plans and skills to help us succeed in accomplishing goals that are critical to the evolution of ourselves, of those around us, and of the world. This is referred to as our Existential Program, popularly known as life mission or life purpose.

One’s existential program may fall within the areas of sociology and human rights, medicine and health, multidimensionality and extraphysical awareness, education, alternative therapies, physics, economics, ecology, or many other possibilities.

This is why we need to implement self-research, self-knowledge and practical strategies in order to identify the links between vocations, dreams and commitments to our existential program.

Topics you may bring to your Existential Program Coaching sessions:

  • Questions and concepts related to your existential program.
  • How to identify aspects of and choose a field of activity or audience to work with to improve your evolutionary performance.
  • The relationship between your existential program and your profession
  • Your egokarma (karma related to yourself) and how to balance your physical and subtle bodies
  • Your groupkarma (karma related to the people in your life): significant other, family and other relationships with people that directly or indirectly relate to or depend on you.
  • Your polykarmic production (karma affecting individuals on a larger level even outside of your groupkarma).
  • Recommendations for continuing studies and research that will lead to more clarity about your existential program.
  • Applications of subtle energy for assistantial purposes (including Penta) and factors to help you to determine if you are ready to perform it.
  • Ways to help you develop balance between your evolutionary goals and your family and personal responsibilities.

Existential Program Coaching sessions will not provide:

  • Medical consultations: Please seek a medical doctor for help with any physical illnesses or health conditions.
  • Psychological therapy: Existential Program Coaches are not available to address issues in the way a psychologist would. Their focus is to help you put aspects related to your life mission into perspective from a multidimensional and multiexistential viewpoint, thus enabling you to develop your own conclusions, plans and strategies.
  • Social activity: Existential Coaching timeslots are reserved for individuals wishing to go deeper with their own personal self-knowledge about their existential purpose.

Existential Program Coaching is designed to help you to make your own informed decisions rather than telling you what to do or giving you ready answers or fixed instructions to follow.

Prerequisites: none.

Please contact the nearest IAC Center for more information.