Existential Program Manual


The existential program (life task) is the specific programming of each person for his or her new life in this physical dimension.It is planned before the individual’s physical rebirth, while one is still in a non-physical condition.

Author: Waldo Vieira, MD
182 pages, 5½” X 8¼”, soft cover.
Also available in Portuguese and Spanish.



The Existential Program Manual is a detailed practical study on the

process of planning, recognizing and executing one’s existential program or life task. It has the potential of helping one fine-tune his or her life program. Some of the aspects studied are:

  • Tools or ideas for identifying what our existential program is, and the different types and levels of programs;
  • The preparation taken prior to physical rebirth, in order to provide us with the proper skills and possibilities to accomplish our program;
  • Information or signs that could allow us to know if we are on the correct path, and factors that can side-track us from the completion of our existential program;
  • Discussion and suggestions on how to improve the execution of one’s program.

For every individual who has ever asked: Where am I from? (extraphysical home town), Why am I here? (existential program) and Where am I going? (after physical death), this is an indispensable tool for your personal evolution.

The information in this book is based on rationality and on knowledge obtained in the
extra-physical dimension through OBEs.