Identifying your Existential Program

More than likely, you have already thought about the purpose of life; or, have had the feeling that there has to be more than just being born, living and dying. Thus, probably, you have a sense of responsibility that compels you to do better.

Take advantage of this 1-day workshop designed to help you find out information about your existential program or life mission. Several techniques will be applied in class so that we are able to arrive at conclusions that help us to understand what was, before being born, our initial intention or objective for deciding to come to this physical life.

Main topics:

  •  How to identify your personal talents and put them to work bringing balance and accomplishment to your life
  • The multidimensional nature of our existence
  • Use of available tools to evolve, perform assistance to others, and complete your mission in life
  •  How to prioritize tasks, so that we can take care of our physical-life needs and still be able to dedicate time towards our evolutionary goals
  • Identification of reasons and criteria to use when making big decisions in life

Instructor: Wagner Alegretti