Experiencing Life

Evolution is the acquisition and accumulation of experiences. There are different phases to the process of acquiring experiences and this determines how well (maturity) we perform a specific activity. Some experiences are rich in impact and bring changes for the person. Furthermore, the accumulation of these impactful experiences leads to a more complex, profound and evolutionary condition.

Regarding past activities where you put a lot of effort in and later had to walk away from them, did you ever find yourself wondering “why did I do all that work, only to leave it in the end?” Many of them are necessary experiences to be undergone, and especially to be left behind.

Having a life is all about gaining experience! Some of the topics discussed will be:

  • How many times (or how many lives) must we repeat an experience before we create a new synapse (in the brain) or a new “parasynapse” (in the psychosoma)?
  • Have you reached the stage of evolutionary “Midas Touch?”
  • What is the process throughout our life by which we gain experience and evolve?
  • Evolution is the capacity to select and understand which is the best option. This only comes through experience, after the person can extract with fewer emotions the lessons of that event.
  • Understand the evolutionary experiential process of passing through the second desoma (death).
  • Formula for determining the probability of a having an OBE. How many attempts are needed to have a projection?

Instructor: Luis Minero Author Bio: Luis Minero
Duration: 6-hour course
Pre-requisites: CDP1
Available languages for this course: English, Portuguese, Spanish, German