Exploring the Multiple Levels of Awareness


The evolution of awareness is a complex process. This course encourages debate about causes of various differences that can be observed between consciousnesses when they manifest in the physical dimension and when they are in the extraphysical dimension during the period between lives.

Throughout evolution, the development of multidimensional awareness can be generally described as follows:

1) Increase of awareness in the period between lives (intermissive period)
2) Development of the ability to manifest one’s acquired multidimensional awareness in intraphysical life (recuperation of advanced ‘cons,’ or units of lucidity);
3) Control of awareness and mentalsomatic attributes to a level that allows conscious OBEs;
4) Gradually becoming more parapsychic in everyday life until it is second nature.

The causes of discrepancies between awareness in the physical and extraphysical dimensions are explored. In addition, several aspects will be addressed about the condition of extraphysical consciousnesses in the intermissive period.

This course introduces topics, discusses hypothetical cases, and encourages debates that contribute to a practical understanding of the subject under study.

Participants are provided with a better understanding of the elements involved in enhancing extraphysical awareness during out-of-body experiences and some practical hints for controlling this process.

Instructor and Researcher: Nanci Trivellato
IAC Office: London, United Kingdom
Duration: hours
Available languages for this course: English, Portuguese, Spanish