Extraphysical Bait is the lucid condition of maintaining an ailing or imbalanced extraphysical consciousness (entity, spirit) within our own energetic field for the purpose of energetically supporting and assisting that consciousness.

Personal development is gradual and ongoing. When we prioritize our growth, we expand our assistantial universe beyond just satisfying our needs, and start assisting others as well. When we arrive at this position our parapsychic abilities also increase and we can start to use more advanced techniques.

Main topics:

• Key components for developing our ability to act as an extraphysical bait
• The role of the helpers (spirit guides) in helping us during this process
• Factors to prioritize in order to use this technique on an ongoing basis
• Energetic and extraphysical mechanisms involved in the extraphysical bait condition
• Differences between acting as conscious, unconscious, and semiconscious bait
• Stages of the extraphysical bait condition

This is a course with profound practical benefits for us and others, and could help us make the transition from being a passive spectator, who sometimes suffers intrusion, to being an active assistant, aware of how to work with this type of multidimensional assistance.

Pre-requisite: CDP 2.