Most IAC Centers give free public lectures twice a month. Contact your local office for the schedule. (Find your local office) In the lecture, experienced instructors introduce the foundational model at the root of IAC’s approach to investigating consciousness. The lecture explores ‘

  • consciousness (soul, spirit)
  • conscious evolution
  • energy
  • non-physical reality
  • psychic abilities
  • the out-of-body experience, and much more.

IAC’s foundational model recognizes the validity of those, and proposes a scientific, yet participatory approach where knowledge about them is developed through experiences. The lecture lasts around 1.5 hours.


Is the free lecture for me?

These free lectures are an ideal (although optional) starting point for people interested in taking IAC’s other courses. They allow would-be students to make a personal connection with our instructors and team, obtaining confidence in our knowledge, approach, and ethical framework. The lectures also introduce our organization and give an overview of our curriculum, programs, and publications.

They are also well suited for anyone not planning on further study but still looking for a rational, integrated overview of these frequently misunderstood topics

We hope you can join us at a lecture soon.