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Goal Intrusionlessness Intensive

Nanci Trivellato and Wagner Alegretti

Wagner Alegretti and
Nanci Trivellato.


IAC’s most comprehensive course on the extraphysical dimension and the relationship with extraphysical helpers and intruders.

WHEN: August 6 to 14, 2016

WHERE: IAC Campus Europe, in Portugal

This course presents an unmatched opportunity to deeply understand the factors that may speed up our progress to become intrusionless (free from intrusion). It takes into account and tackles a variety of facets, including: mental postures, emotional patterns, nonphysical helpers (spirit guides), intruders, specific approaches to psychic and energetic development, and other related topics.

This intensive version of the course (offered only at the IAC Campus) has the same content and modules as the regular version. This is possible due to IAC’s Campus optimized environment and structure, customized for this type of work.


To promote the maximum possible results, this course will take place at the IAC Campus.This will allow the participants to have the required time to invest in the necessary aspects for their personal growth according to their individual condition.

* Theoretical classes deliver an advanced, ample and in-depth content, which aids in the understanding of the mechanisms of intrusion and methods for its prevention. This course provides exclusive techniques and practical tips that, when applied, can empower the you to manifest yur strong-traits and the maximum of your level of cosmoethics.

* Private sessions. In these one-on-one sessions, instructors (consciential epicenters) will perform energetic evaluations of participants, aiming at identifying which aspects of their parapsychic condition should be worked on next.

Your progress will be monitored and evaluated throughout the course. You will be studying, performing self-research, developing energetic self-control, discussing concepts, applying techniques and, ultimately, recovering lucidity. You will receive assistance from instructors and support from colleagues who are working towards the same goals.

Bioenergetic Training

Energetic evaluations

You will receive two private 1-on-1 energetic evaluations during the course. You may register for two additional evaluations, if desired. These evaluations allow you to track your energetic and parapsychic progress over several months following the core classes.
During the individual sessions the instructor will carry out a holosomatic evaluation, with special focus on bioenergetic and parapsychic aspects. You will receive homework with prescribed exercises especially tailored for your training and development. Your progress will be followed through the periodical evaluations. Therefore, instructors will be able to identify new aspects that need to be worked on and prescribe new exercises to tackle them.

Among the aspects worked on in these individual evaluations are the vibrational state, level of energetic unblocking, strength of the exteriorization of energies, refinement of sensibility, multidimensional self-awareness, parapsychic development, and energetic self-defense.

Bioenergetic self-control and the vibrational state are crucial points of the course. These aspects are normally highly improved, as a result of the diagnosis and direct feedback given to each participant during the private evaluations.

Evaluation 1 will take place on August 6 or 7, 2016.
Evaluation 2 will take place on August 13 or 14, 2015.


Evaluation 3 can be taken between October, 2016 and Jan, 2017.
Evaluation 4 can be taken between December, 2016 and May, 2017.
See registration form for details

Theoretical classes

From August 8 to 12, totaling 40 hours of instruction.

Support activities

“Video Discussion” where related topics will be discussed.

Laboratory Session

As part of the training, laboratory experiments at the IAC Campus will be performed – depending on laboratory availability.

Theoretical content

The condition of Intrusionlessness is reached through the manifestation of a series of intelligences and attributes. In order to assist participants to speed up the attainment of these condition, this course works profoundly with related themes. The theoretical content is divided into 4 modules:

1 – Basics: principles of intrusionlessness, deep understanding of interconsciential relationships, identification of one’s level of intrudability, advanced techniques and optimizations for energy work, practical postures that are readily applicable in our evolutionary level to achieve greater intrusionlessness.

2 – Intrudability: ‘everything you wanted to know about intrusion, but were afraid to ask’ class, types of intrusion and intruders, mechanisms and techniques applied by intruders, types of connections established by intruders, common reactions when undergoing intrusion.

3 – Parapsychism and De-intrusion: endoparapsychism and exoparapsychism, taxonomy of types of parapsychism (psychic potential), exemplification of different manifestations of parapsychic reactions, techniques for the development of parapsychism, techniques of self-de-intrusion and hetero-de-intrusion.

4 – Cosmoethics and Evolution: approaches of cosmoethics, extraphysical reurbanization, evolutionary scale, lucid assistantial bait, assistantial interconsciential support, shielded chamber and advanced extraphysical office.


Pre-requisite: CDP Module 2


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The prices include:
Classes, two bioenergetic-psychic personal evaluations, video discussuion, coffee breaks, roundtrip shuttle from Estremoz and the Campus for classes (from August 8 to 12) at set times.
Prices do not include:
Room & board; meals; laboratory sessions; transport for evaluation or laboratory sessions.
InformationE-mails: campus@iacworld.org

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Paid in full by July 5th, 2016 € 690.00
IAC Member
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Installments (paid in full by August 5th, 2016) € 790.00
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