Goal Intrusionlessness

The course presents an unmatched opportunity for participants to better understand factors that may speed up their progress to become intrusion-free and be able to implement them.

The course, therefore, takes into account and tackles a variety of personal facets, including: mental postures, emotional patterns, nonphysical helpers (spirit guides), intruders, specific approaches to psi and energetic development, and other related aspects.

The course may be done in 4 sessions over the course of a year or as a week-long intensive. The intensive has the same content and composition course modules in the optimized environment and structure, customized for this type of work that IAC Campus offers


Theoretical classes deliver an advanced, ample and in-depth content, which aids in the understanding of the mechanisms of intrusion and methods for its prevention.

Participants study, perform self-research, discuss concepts, and apply many techniques to develop energetic self-control. They receive assistance from instructors and support from colleagues who are working towards the same goals.

Prerequisite: CDP 2

Instructors: Nanci Trivellato and Wagner Alegretti.