Goals & Objectives

The IAC aims to help people to grow and evolve by developing and promoting a greater understanding of who we are and the nature of our non-physical and multidimensional reality. The IAC’s activities are centered around research and education in pursuit of those goals.

IAC’s most essential objective is to provide people with the best quality of assistance possible by giving them clarifying information about their multidimensional nature as a consciousness, thus laying a groundwork for the maximum activation and development of their human potential.


IAC studies the consciousness (who we are) in its entirety, researching the nature of our manifestations from an all-inclusive standpoint that encompasses both our physical and multidimensional (psychic) nature. This deepens our understanding of human life and provides a greater direction and purpose to our existence. As a consequence of these studies, the IAC promotes the development of new research methodologies, techniques and leading-edge studies by trying to integrate into contemporary science the study of consciousness from a multidimensional perspective, as well as people’s multidimensional experiences. This is done through the sponsoring of scientific debates around a range of subjects related to consciousness research through forums, public meetings, congresses, journals and other scientific publications.

Education and Dissemination

The classes and educational activities that IAC offers empower individuals to develop their own capacities and potential, and verify concepts and ideas through personal, individual experience – including OBEs – free of dogmas or limitations. Through these educational activities, IAC promotes the development of multidimensional and evolutionary self-awareness in a practical fashion that can be applied to a person’s day to day life. Great value is placed on the development of the participant’s own abilities and experiences, applying the principle “Don’t believe in anything. Not even what you hear at the IAC. Experiment! Have your own experience.”