Holokarma: Evolutionary Account

Our relationship with other people have reasons for being and already have a “history”.

It is not a coincidence nor luck that we are where we are at this moment, in the family we are, and surrounded by the people we know. On many ocassions, we were the ones who selected them for several reasons.

In this course, we’ll understand the whys for them.

What is Karma? How does it affect our lives?

Cosmoethics and our personal energetic manifestation will be studied to understand the synchronicities and the law of cause and effect. The most common definition that people have of karma is “paying for prior mistakes;” however, karma is the law of action and reaction. Just like the result of past decisions can be negative, they can also be very positive for our evolution.

Main topics:

  •  the process of death and rebirth
  • the purpose of physical lives
  • the effect of karma in planning a life task
  • our evolutionary “balance,” related to:  ourselves (ego karma); our family, friends and coworkers from this and other lives (group karma); humanity in general (polykarma).

Instructor: Nanci Trivellato