Homeostatic Field

The Homeostatic Field is a 3-day, weekend workshop that will take place at the IAC Campus, near Evoramonte, Portugal. The content and techniques that will be used are identical to those used in the CDP Advanced-2. Unlike the Advanced-2, however, there are no pre-requisites to attend this course.

The course is an energetic immersion with the primary focus of strengthening the connection between the student’s energetic and mental bodies. During the course, a strong energetic field is established by an intensification of energies around an intraphysical epicenter, one of the IAC’s most experienced instructors.

The course also includes classes that explain the processes involved in the energetic field and offers a chance for students to deepen their experience.

The IAC Campus offers a truly unparalleled venue for the course, being IAC’s most significant physical and multidimensional installation on the planet. Its established, customized energetic field offers an ideal environment that is perfectly synchronized with the course’s assistantial objectives.

Prerequisites: none.