Human Potential: An Approach Centered on the Consciousness

How much of your inherent potential are you using?
Are you on track towards completing your life’s purpose?

Understanding and accepting our own potential is one of the most relevant aspects involved in personal fulfillment and the completion of our life task. Yet human potential is often a misunderstood concept on an individual level due to its highly personal nature. The more we recognize ourselves as consciousnesses (multidimensional beings), the more we understand who we are and what we are capable of doing.

This course delves into the concept of human potential using a consciential approach (centered on the consciousness). The structure of the class aims to assist the individual to achieve a deeper understanding of their life purpose through understanding aspects of their own potential.

One of the key factors built into our life purpose is the ability to use our traits and connections in a productive way.

Main topics:

  •  Introduction and explanation of the multidimensional aspects of human potential
  • Tools and techniques to help with the identification of our internal potential and external potential
  •  Human potential in relationship to the Out-of-Body-Experience
  • Analyses of exceptional individuals who appear to be using a large amount of their potential
  • Discussions and activities for coming to conclusions about ourselves and ways to take the next step in reaching our potential

Instructor: Ashley Melidosian