Important Tips for traveling to the IAC’s Research Campus

1. Regarding Transportation:

a. Buses run from 8:30am to 6:30pm between Lisbon and campus so plan accord

b. Taxis near the campus are generally not available between 8:30pm – 9pm

c. When arriving – If taking public transportation and your flight arrives late at night we strongly recommend that you try to stay in Lisbon until the following day before traveling to the campus. This is because buses may not be available to travel to Estremoz (check the bus schedule) and if you arrive late in Estremoz you may have difficulty finding an available taxi to bring you to the campus.

d. When departing – If you have an early flight out of Lisbon we highly recommend that you spend the night in Lisbon the night before so that you are able to comfortably make your way to the airport. If you leave the IAC campus in Evermonte the same day to catch an early morning flight at the Lisbon airport, this is generally inconvenient for most people (remember it is roughly 2 hours from the IAC campus to Lisbon).

2. When planning your schedule:

a. When scheduling your arrival at the campus we recommend you arrive at least one or two days before the start day of the course or workshop you are planning to attend as this will allow you adjust to any effects of jetlag and it give you time to settle in and relax. This will allow you to take greater advantage of the course or workshop you plan to attend.

b. When scheduling your stay at the campus, we recommend giving yourself an extra free day at the campus or in Estremoz.

c. When creating your schedule, don’t forget to allocate some time for taking the self-research laboratories and be sure to reserve these ahead of time before you arrive at the campus. You can book one or more labs by contacting the campus.

d. Don’t forget to book your accommodations for the free days in your trip where you are not attending a course or workshop. Course registration often includes accomodations however you are responsible for your own accommodations on the days you are not attending a course or workshop. 

3. Miscellaneous Tips:

a. Financially it is often cheaper to convert your local currency to euros (if you reside in a non-euro coutry) then at the airport which usually has a higher/more expensive exchange rate.

b. If you contact the campus, please wait 3-5 days in order to receive a response. If you don’t receive a response after 5 days, please contact your local IAC office.

c. If after reading over the pages located in the “Visit The Campus” section of the website, you find yourself in need of more help or have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact your local IAC office if you any questions or need help in regards about planning your trip.

d. Generally buses are cheaper than taxis.

If you have further questions contact the IAC Research Campus