The Basic Sense of Perception

Intuition is the perception of information by non-physical means. To be psychic means to have intuition and to be able to pick-up information from the environment and others. It is also known as the sixth sense, the feminine sense, and others.

Intuition is the basic tool of perception for the projector and it is the basis for the recollection of past lives, premonitory dreams, communication with helpers, telepathy, and retrocognition and precognition. During the course there will be a practical exercise to test and develop the intuition of the participants.

To go deeper into the subject, the main scientific theories on intuition are presented and discussed. They range from physics to psychology.

The main ideas discussed are:

  • Types of intuition
  • Current theories explaining intuition
  • Intuition and other paranormal phenomena
  • How intuition works in a projection
  • Intuition and energetic defense
  • Techniques to develop intuition

Become more aware, develop your intuition!

Instructor: Luis Minero Author Bio РLuis Minero
Duration: 6-hour course
Available languages for this course: English, Portuguese, Spanish, German
Prerequisites: None