Vibrational State: Mastering the VS and the VELO

The vibrational state (VS) is the most fundamental instrument that has been identified to date for enabling individuals to take greater control over their energetic bodies. This workshop provides the tools to gain lucid bioenergetic and parapsychic self-control, as it explains the modus operandi and effects of the VS, dissecting each bioenergetic component that must be mastered in order to reach control over this important and remarkable personal phenomenon.

The discussions of this course focus on the parametric elements of the VS (i.e., its attributes or properties). Providing knowledge of those attributes will grant students resources for a biofeedback process, which will favor their mastering the willful installation of the VS.

The workshop  has a large practical component, during which participants are trained to identify, sense, and take control over each of the VS attributes by practicing the technique of the Voluntary Energetic Longitudinal Oscillation (VELO), also know as the Closed Circuit of Energies. Each attribute is trained separately, based on applied strategic tips.

After each of the 21 attributes have been run through, one by one, they are gradually applied in specific combinations and in a specific sequence, until the student performs a technique session that involves all of the aspects. This approach aims to help the participant understand the vibrational state better and to have a higher success rate in reaching it.

Instructor: Nanci Trivellato

Duration: 8 hours