Multidimensional Praxis: Mentalsoma & Cosmoconsciousness

This version of the Multidimensional Praxis series of courses focuses on exercising, stimulating, developing, and directly experiencing the mentalsoma.

This energy field immersion course combines many new and experiential activities, culminating in a practical cosmoconsciousness exercise,  in which, a rarer and (more rarified) type of bioenergy field is created, i.e. a mentalsomatic field, which allows for mentalsomatic parapsychic experiences. This field is the central experiential session – a culmination of all previous activities. The goal of this session is to bring about mentalsomatic experiences through the utilization of various multidimensional resources and techniques.

Prerequisite: CDP 3.

Instructors: Nanci Trivellato and Wagner Alegretti.