Natural Setting

The campus is located in protected, peaceful countryside filled with native plants, small animals, and many bird species, providing exceptionally reinvigorating immanent energies.  20% of the site is a dedicated Nature Reserve, on which no building will occur.

The property features some 300 mature cork and scarlet oak trees, which will remain in place, with construction taking place in the glades between them. As most of these trees are well over 100 years old, they cloak the campus with natural, exceptional bioenergies that promote relaxation, serenity and personal balance. This characteristic of the natural energies of the campus helps to catalyze the experience of psychic phenomena and the expansion of the consciousness.

Ongoing efforts are being made to contribute to the site’s rich plant and animal life. Consistent with the aim of creating an environment in natural harmony, the IAC has implemented Project Oasis, whose main objective is environmental sustainability. This is being achieved through the development and care of natural vegetation, the preservation of biodiversity, the management and use of natural resources such as water, and sewerage treatment.

The development and construction plans are based on the most up-to-date techniques and approaches for making the campus complex an example of environmental sustainability in the region.