Acoplamentarium: Auric Coupling and Clairvoyance

This immersion course aims at the development of lucid parapsychism through the techniques of auric coupling and facial clairvoyance. The energetic field installed acts as a multidimentional portal, facilitating the exchange between participants and non-physical consciousnesses with whom they share affinity.


  • To experience the energetic coupling and sympathetic assimilation techniques
  • To develop clairvoyance and parapsychic diagnosis
  • To develop energosomatic and parapsychic self-awareness
  • To deepen awareness of parapsychic signals
  • To promote deintrusion and self-deintrusion

Prerequisite: CDP module 2.

Instructors: Wagner Alegretti, Nanci Trivellato, Italo Martins, Luis Minero.