Conscientiometry: Measurement of the Consciousness

Self-knowledge is one of the most fundamental keys for evolution and this course will help you understand yourself better. Not just the aspects of yourself that may be holding you back (weak traits), but also your developed ones (strong traits).

In many instances, we may know several of our strong traits well; yet evolutionarily speaking, we can find more efficient ways of using them, and find other strong traits within ourselves we didn’t know existed, and which upon implementing, may become essential towards the accomplishment of our existential program.

The pace of our personal growth and the depth of our self-knowledge can be processes we develop more and more over time. Thus, individuals who are interested in their growth are able to recognize the benefits of refining more every time their self-understanding.

Main topics:

  • Consciential guinea-pig technique
  • Proper and efficient use of the conscientiogram
  • Recognizing our strong and weak traits
  • Graphically identifying our main-weak trait and our main-strong trait
  • Techniques for us to understand ourselves at a deeper level, on an ongoing basis
  • Evaluating the performance of each one of our bodies: physical, energetic, emotional and mental