Non-physical Beings

Non-physical Beings

This course illustrates the diverse personalities and qualities of non-physical beings, or spirits, that we may encounter. These consciousnesses range from the most evolved, aware, and experienced–commonly referred to as spirit guides, helpers, or angels, among other names–to those who have minimal awareness, behave instinctively, and lack an understanding of their existential condition.

This course can help us to better understand the condition of friends and loved ones who have crossed over. Additionally, it can help us to understand more about the experience of being non-physical, a state which awaits each of us.

Main topics:

  • Different types of non-physical beings
  • Interactions and influences of non-physical beings
  • Techniques for energetic self-defense
  • How to find specific non-physical beings
  • Evolutionary processes of non-physical beings
  • Extraterrestrial non-physical beings
  • Communicating with non-physical beings
  • Paranormal phenomena which help us to interact with them

Pre-requisite: None, all are welcome to attend!

Instructor: Luis Minero

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