Overcoming Hindrances to Conscious Projection

This seminar discusses the elements that can give rise to a projective recess, a period during which we do not have projections, or that may hinder our ability to have lucid out-of-body experience.

The seminar aims to scrutinise, in a condensed manner, all types of factors that may prevent us from having lucid projections. The below topics, discussed in this seminar, influence and are related to the production of OBEs:

  • Psychological conditions – conscious and unconscious emotional factors;
  • Physiological conditions – habits, sexuality, and conditions during the projection;
  • Mental conditions – pre-conceptions or beliefs, personal values, awareness, ways of thinking during the application of techniques, and cosmoethics;
  • Bioenergetic conditions – intraphysical and extraphysical energetic situation, bioenergetic control, psychic perception;
  • Extraphysical conditions – related to extraphysical consciousnesses, connections to past lives, and extraphysical holothosene.

Instructor and researcher:
Nanci Trivellato
IAC Office: Campus
Duration: 3 hours
Available languages for this course: English, Portuguese, Spanish