Para-technology and Para-ecology

This course addresses some intriguing and controversial issues related to life after death and the environment of the non-physical dimensions. Hence, it offers an in depth examination of the extraphysical dimension which has been the subject of much discussion, most of it, nonetheless, driven by (intra)physically-based conditionings such as religion, folklore and mysticism.

During this three-hour course instructor Wagner Alegretti recounts some of his own actual experiences in non-physical environments, providing answers to questions rarely explained by other authors and researchers.

Special attention is given to the characteristics and technical aspects of the extraphysical dimension that we inhabited before being born and will again inhabit after biological death.

Main topics:

  • How do we experience time in the extraphysical dimension?
  • Do such things as the sky and planets exist in non-physical dimensions?
  • Are there meteorological phenomena beyond the physical dimension?
  • Are there animals, trees and ground beyond the physical dimension?
  • Do non-physical beings utilize non-physical instruments and tools? If so, for what purpose?

Instructor: Wagner Alegretti